Founded on research.

Delivered through experience.

QED Secure Solutions is responsive to the research and educational needs of industry and government partners. We perform extensive research focusing on advanced cyber-related theories and technologies to deliver secure solutions to our customers.

Focus Areas


Capabilities to combat emerging threats that target national security interests.

Research grants and collaboration with Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers. 

Proven methodologies for delivering robust solutions to government and industry stakeholders.

Experienced with top secret security clearances.

Critical Infrastructure

Advanced solutions for protecting cyber-physical systems.

Monitoring and evaluation for situational awareness to identify system vulnerabilities.

Understanding of adversarial tactics and threat vectors for enhancing mitigation techniques.

Data analytics for trend analysis and evaluation.


Proven methodology for assessing cyber vulnerability risks on large-scale, cyber-physical systems.

Evaluation of corporate processes and protection of critical business operations.

Analyzing standards of practice for business compliance to include people, process and technology.

Developing actionable metrics for assessing cyber risks to an organization’s mission.


Identifying programmatic flaws in system design and implementation.

Performing assessments and architecture reviews to identify security flaws before an attacker exploits this system.

Firmware analysis and reverse engineering of embedded devices for vulnerability discovery.

Innovative technology and methodologies for protecting against attacks and detecting attempts at system compromise.

Integrated solutions to aid in system recovery and intrusion analysis.

Incident response planning and disaster preparedness.


Evaluation of organizational goals, policy, structure, and planning for advancing cyber security.

Evaluation of government policy and legislation for cyber security.

Examining processes to enhance productivity and cyber security efforts.

Identifying skill-set requirements and capability gaps for enhancing workforce development.

Strategic vision for developing technology roadmaps to match long-term organizational goals.

Planning and allocation for cyber security investments.


education and training

Tailored education and training to meet organization-specific requirements.

In-depth and advanced curriculum with hands-on instruction to empower employees.

Enabling organizations to develop and sustain effective training programs for: Development, Assurance, Testing, and Awareness.

Leading of seminars to foster joint collaboration on special-interest topics in cyber security.

Leadership labs to provide executives the awareness and understanding of the implications that cyber threats have on business decisions.

Highly experienced teachers consisting of PhDs, published authors and recognized experts.

Industries We Serve

  • Private Corporations
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Finance Industry
  • Law Firms
  • Energy Sector
  • Water / Waste Water
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Health and Medical
  • Emergency Services
  • Building Automation
  • Public Safety
  • Science and Technology
  • Engineering and Development
  • Operational, Test and Evaluation
  • Federal and Local Governments
  • Homeland Security
  • Anti - Terrorism
  • Military and National Defense
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